Conditions of use

Customers who purchase our tours are purchasing audio files that are either downloaded or shipped via a CD.  Our intent is that when you purchase our tour that you will have a great time traveling through Forks and Port Angeles with the additional information that we provide.  Feel free to keep a backup copy, copy the audio files onto your MP3 player, smartphone, computer, or whatever device you would like to listen to the tour on.  But if you purchase the tour, it is intended to be for you and whoever is traveling with you.

Please do NOT:

  • Copy the audio file onto any public or private servers where they might intentionally or unintentionally be accessible for others to use.
  • Resell the audio files.  If you have a business model that can be mutually beneficial to us and you, pleae contact us at and we would be more than happy to talk.
  • Copy the files on a bunch of computers and audio devices.  We understand that in this day and age that your audio libraries exist on several devices or possibly even in the cloud, but the more copies you make, the better the chances are that they will fall into the hands of someone else.  Don't put it on an SD card and give it to all your friends.  Don't copy it onto every computer you might use in the office.  Don't send it out in email.  Please use common sense and remove copies from old computers before giving them to others.
  • Use this in a commercial business.  If you want to play our tour in your tour bus, please contact us at and we can probably work something out.

We are reasonable people.  We expect you to be reasonable too. :-)

And enjoy your tour!!

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